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Transform Your Business Productivity with
Our Proven 4-Week ChatGPT Accelerator Program

Technology adoption is slow, but your business doesn't have the luxury of time. While only 19% of people have tried ChatGPT, those who embrace it are racing ahead. Avoid seeing your company being left behind - lead the way instead.

Why Settle For Less? Our Program Is Unmatched

A 4-Week Plan To Propel Your Business Efficiency

1. Listen. Identify and eliminate time-consuming tasks and establish benchmarks.Business Impact. Measure the ROI for your business and identify ChatGPT use cases.

2. Educate. Bespoke 1-on-1 ChatGPT training designed for each business function.Business Impact. Your staff will leverage ChatGPT for problem-solving and innovation.

3. Hackathon. A problem-solving session focused on real-world business challenges.Business Impact. Cross-functional collaboration and practical ChatGPT application.

4. Embed. Make ChatGPT part of your business DNA with comms and automation.Business Impact. Continuous improvement, scalable productivity, and ongoing adoption.

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Readiness Checklist

Don't contact us until you've:

  • Gained Leadership Endorsement. Buy-in from the top is non-negotiable.

  • Secured Budget Approval. No funding, no progress.

Proven Results, Backed by Data

100% of staff have reported >5.7% efficiency gains Free up time for leaders to focus on more strategic efforts Informed decision making using AI as a sounding board

Some staff have realised a 21.3% surge in productivity Enable everyone to think creatively when solving problems Reduce hiring requirements with more efficient teams

I was initially skeptical about how much efficiency we could really gain from a 4-week program. However,
this completely changed my perspective. Within just the first week, we identified opportunities I wasn't aware of.

- Michael Pallett, COO

Program Phases

Week 1: Listen
A Deep Dive

  • Comprehensive workforce survey.

  • Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

  • In-depth analysis of workflow bottlenecks.

  • Executive-level needs assessment.

Week 2: Educate
Bespoke Training

  • Universal ChatGPT best practices.

  • Distribution of exclusive learning materials.

  • Personalised 1-on-1 training sessions.

  • Shared repository of effective prompts.

Week 3: Hackathon
Applied Innovation

  • Selection of four pivotal projects.

  • Pre-event team alignment.

  • A focused AI hackathon.

  • Immediate post-hackathon performance metrics.

Week 4: Embed
Ongoing Learning

  • Dedicated AI communication channels.

  • Automated nudges for sustained engagement.

  • Direct feedback loops across the team.

  • Monthly review and strategy sessions.

Meet The Team

Simon Greenman
Best Practice AI

  • Member World Economic Forum’s Global AI Council

  • Co-founder of first internet geo-spatial brand

  • Chair Harvard Business School Angels, DN Capital advisor, and AI Expert in Residence at Seedcamp

  • MBA from HBS and BA in AI from Sussex University

Adam Thornhill
ChatGPT Consulting

  • 10+ years in marketing leadership roles for innovative startups

  • Helped Medicspot scale from £0 to £100M+ annual run rate in <4 years

  • Founder of Podup, a leading business and AI newsletter

  • Creator of the 4-Week ChatGPT Accelerator Program

Tim Gordon
Best Practice AI

  • Former adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, UK

  • Leadership roles at the Financial Times and BCG

  • Trustee for Full Fact; member of APPG on AI’s Enterprise Adoption Task Force

  • Studied at Cambridge, College of Europe, INSEAD

Don't Surrender Your Competitive Edge

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P.S. This is not just a technological shift. ChatGPT is a revolution in how you do business. Time is a luxury you don't have. Act now.